The latest on PR salary trends


According to The PRWeek/Bloom, Gross & Associates 2017 Salary Survey, the search for talent goes on at the mid to senior levels and advancement opportunities continue, especially for those with sought-after skill sets. In the big picture, the majority of PR pros agreed they are well compensated and very few believe their job is under threat due to economic conditions.

What are PR pros making these days and how does your salary stack up? And what about all the other compensation factors that entice potential employees? Are opportunities to work abroad still desirable? Do employees really care if an organization is a good corporate citizen? The 2017 PRWeek Salary Survey Premium Edition reveals these and other significant insights that will help both employer and employee make the right decisions. Click here to access now!

Along with additional content to the survey feature, this year’s premium edition contains salary trends by region, age range, and years of experience, as well as intelligence on compensation trends by the most practiced disciplines and level of degree attained. Plus, we’ve included “Spotlights” on select US cities that give you a true flavor of that local PR community.

You’ll receive more than 60 pages of valuable data that focus on key salary-related issues broken down into six sections:

  • Salary profiles by three different work settings: Agency, Corporate, and Nonprofit
  • Salary profiles by different job titles, both agency and in-house distinctions
  • Detailed information by eight different industry sectors
  • Statistics by different salary ranges
  • Relevant trends by gender and years of experience
  • Year-on-year comparisons from 2015-2017

Again, to access all of this and much more via immediate PDF download, click here.


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