Swedish election: Nationalists ‘make gains’ in early exit polls

Let me start by saying that I’m now having all my friends – each and everyone of them, on individual email instead of the old “group therapy”  Hope you like it better.  Thank you.
There’s no doubt that everybody is looking for an Exit / Brexit – next probably is Brexit for Sweden – from this extraordinary muslin problem created in Europe!  Of course, we call it immigration or migration, of course, we’re assuming there’re to many Polish workers in…  by all means everywhere in Europe, or to many Romanians or Bulgarians in the other side of civilization – the nicest one, but truth is and facts shows that Europe got frustrated with Merkel’s Germany and Erdogan’s Turkey policy of Islamization of Europe… didn’t work and never will – otherwise there’s plenty of empty talks and wishful thinking on the subject but our democracies and our election system tells us where the people stand.  And that’s why Orban is a Great Leader indeed because he stood for it when others didn’t – that’s it!  Not everybody wears pants for the need of it…


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