Six Architectural Works of Art


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The art on our walls, the carefully selected interior decor, the objects we collect over a lifetime tell the story of who we are. But sometimes the story is woven into the very fabric of a house, making it more than just a showcase for our art, but art in and of itself. Each of the homes in this Luxury Defined collection conveys its own unique story, where the artist’s stroke and the architect’s hand are one and the same.

Explore Six Architectural Works of Art

They light up big-name galleries and have appeared in films by Terrence Malick and Robert Rodriguez, but were it not for a wrong turn during a college road trip, Todd Sanders’s neon artworks might never have existed.“I missed my turn outside of Bastrop, Texas, and realized I was almost in Austin,” he recalls. “My buddy and I agreed to drive into Austin, where I saw women with tattoos, cool neon, stuff I had never seen in East Texas. I told my buddy I was moving.”

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The Dining Room RenaissanceThe Dining Room Renaissance
Homeowners are increasingly seeking a separate space dedicated to the art of dining, knowing there’s something special about a more formal meal. Unlike other rooms in the home, the dining room has been in and out of vogue as our lifestyles have changed. While the kitchen continues to be the hub of the home for many families—a space not just to eat, but to socialize and even work—the formal dining room is enjoying something of a renaissance.

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Stina Persson’s work is defined by sweeping lines and, most importantly, vivid watercolor. Yet the Stockholm-based fashion illustrator came to the medium almost by accident. During her illustration degree course at New York’s Pratt Institute, “we didn’t have a single class in watercolor. But after school I made large-scale acrylic portraits. With acrylic you mix the paint with water, and all that dripping and bleeding kind of moved into my work.”

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