Putin says Kim ‘needs guarantees’


There’re a few takes from this news but the most important ones are only two – or so I believe:

– Firstly, this is a major blow to the Trump administration in the coming re-elections year – it is and will be sanctioned – as another catastrophic failure of this administration’s uncontrolled mega-promises. Listening to Donald Trump daily rhetoric – daily mega-promises, one would believe he’s a Master of Everything – certainly this is what the president believes of himself, that he can fix all the world problems.  And so he does everyday – most recently he advised on how to quell the Notre Dame fire by sending in the air tankers – it didn’t work that way, the fire might get extinguished but the old structure would be destroyed – but who cares, the president showed concern and willingness to fix yet another world problem!

His world fixing rhetoric – mostly done by midnight tweets, is truly the same way we – we the average Jo – we’re fixing the world problems everyday as well – everyday at pubs and bars around the world – with a cold beer or a good shot of whisky as our staunch witness of our own concerns and desire to fix world problems – every single day, no exceptions, same as Trump – we fix the world problems by talking loud to each other – from maternity leave time to royal baby names or world nuclear arsenals and climate change desperation – of course, our prime subjects being the religion and state terrorism, arms embargo and latest arms trade – who gets what new fighter-planes, drones or bunker destroyer bombs – human rights in China or elsewhere – well, the Saudis have an exception given by America, there’s nothing to fix there – we know that part of the world is only unfortunate to have rogue operatives within its ranks… and of course, the two Big ones outside of Korean Peninsula – which is fixing the Obama Care and Iran denuclearization deal…  Same way of fixing it so far…

But that’s the human nature, that’s why we’re going back to our pubs and bars everyday to talk / fix the world problems – loudly as we can… the same way as we’re reading Trump’s Tweets, we’re desperately awaiting those tweets.  That’s the picture from my seat…

And now, here it comes the most humble and innocent of all world actors, here it comes Mother Russia…

– Secondly, it is Russia which now asserts its dominance as the powerbroker in the Pacific.  Russia which was – patiently, waiting for the bigmouth-self-centered-tell-you-what-you-want-to-hear Trump to fail on its nose again – and jump to the rescue, of course, to the rescue of its own name on the world stage, but what’s more beautiful and dramatic on the same time than “coming to the rescue”?!

Sure, as it should be expected, and as we can vividly remember from the glorious years of Soviet Russia propaganda – they’re asking for the revival of the 6 party talks on the Peninsula, talks where Russia is not sidelined but where she can lead,  absent of a coherent White House international policy this is a walk in the park for Russia.  Somewhat I’ve the feeling that China would not and cannot ignore Russia.

Not that I don’t see merits in the 6 party talks – I really do – but it blows on me that Russia is – once again, asking for international laws to apply, still asking after so many propaganda years – Russia talks about “…not the law of the strongest…” when that was the only way she kept her communist empire…

“…We need to restore the power of international law – says Putin, to return to a state where international law, not the law of the strongest, determines the situation in the world…”

Who can disagree with such a statement?  It’s by the book!!  They’re asking now for nothing less than for the international law protection for North Korea – and this is what a camaraderie is…  Russia can be accused of many things, but we shall recognize that one thing is taboo there – camaraderie to its allies, and the Russian alliance with NK cannot be denied.  Even China pays attention to this one!

If the Obama administration can be accused of extreme measures on Russia to solve problems – either walking on eggs or getting tougher than needed and doing nothing on the Korean Peninsula, for the same international policy of disengagement with China, the Trump administration can be – rightly, accused of being the Elephant in the China shop!

Putin says Kim “needs guarantees” and that – in my view, that is the stamp over Trump failed approach to the Korean Peninsula…

The real problem here is that America wants NK nuclear threat to go away, but in the same time, the Pentagon cannot allow – China and Russia desire, for the denuclearization of the entire Korean Peninsula, that because of South Korea territory bring used for American firepower in that part of the world and that might include non-conventional arms.  The total denuclearization of Korean Peninsula works only for China and Russia, Trump played beautifully this time when he abruptly stood up from his meeting in Hanoi – SUA need a reason to walk away from his promises – and he just did!

Now the world is back to its problems in that part of the world and China loses its chip in playing Trump card…

By the way – I still cannot see Donald Trump losing the elections!

Enjoy :))

I saw this on the BBC News App and thought you should see it:

North Korea summit: Putin says Kim ‘needs guarantees’


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