Justice Systems in Europe Require Whistleblowers


Last week, Visegrad Insight hosted Camelia Bogdan, a Romanian judge, who told her remarkable story of seizing corrupt funds from ex-Securitate criminals for which she has nearly lost her job. Examining the Camelia Bogdan case, we sat down for an interview with a top European anti-corruption specialist to discuss the Romanian corruption case in the broader context of the EU’s struggle to defend the rule of law.

Alina Mungiu-Pippidi is a Professor of Democracy Studies at the Hertie School in Berlin. Her research focuses on anti-corruption policy and good governance. She is the President of the Romanian Academic Society (SAR) and founder of the social media watchdog platform @visegradinsight https://visegradinsight.eu/corruption-justice-systems-in-europe-require-whistleblowers/.


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