Catalonia crisis: Spain moves to suspend autonomy

This harsh move from Spain, regardless of its legitimacy and need to protect the Spain state integrity, is the point of no-return for both of them and for the entire Europe as well…
Some will argue that Catalonia’s move for independence may be the point of no-return!
But autonomy and independence movements are there since ever, and will be there with us in any foreseeable future – important is how we’re dealing with it!  Catalonia independence, like many other European autonomous territories, was there to our face to deal with it, but everyone kept their heads in the sand expecting that will go away on its own, by not attending it, ignoring it.  These are the most sensitive diplomatic issues the states have to resolve to their national interests.  It’s all coming down to the question of how soon or perhaps better to say how late or never we’re bringing these movements to this point of utmost confrontation – to the state of war within a state!


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